Morning caught ultra-fresh pig hormone! ?

Morning caught ultra-fresh pig hormone! ?


Today "Katsuyoshi grilled meat Takumi" will introduce the recommendations! !

Last time we introduced for the raw meat of rare beef in recent years. But, the strengths of Katsuyoshi is I do not still only this!

In fact, that boasts a menu very popular among the Katsuyoshi, a matter of fact "morning tighten fresh pig hormone !!"

So, the Katsuyoshi of pig hormone as name we purchase every morning that day to freshly caught ultra-fresh ones!

Or there is little compared to the bovine hormone smell at reasonable generally speaking pig hormone, might crunchy there is impression that ... or was not good enough, Katsuyoshi will overturned the impression!

Etc. Talking pig hormone, it smells without exactly the thing fresh caught in the morning! Crunchy excellent! Hormone like to is dying a rarity!

Well also eat such a pig hormone salty refreshing, bake golden brown in miso sauce is also good, spicy a little with the miso is also good, if Kakare to Takumi arm of Katsuyoshi, will tell you still various how to eat!

Is a price to be worried so much delicious pig hormone, but please rest assured! Reasonable of the pig hormone is the same even Katsuyoshi!

Any site 580 yen at 100g!

980 yen if the hormone 3-point prime!

1580 yen hormone five points Sheng!

We provide at low price does not change and eat at horumonyaki shop!

Beer to drink in the knob such a delicious hormone is the best!

Katsuyoshi, so you can also take advantage as horumonyaki ya, what is try to drink by all means a cup at the end of work in Katsuyoshi how.

We look forward in one-minute walk "Katsuyoshi grilled meat Takumi" from Bakuro-Yokoyama Station!