Nowadays popular in Tokyo! ? Grip of beef!

Nowadays popular in Tokyo! ? Grip of beef!


It is also one week left before March. Sakura also beautiful blooming, I mean soon greet the new year, is the preparation of all set towards the new year?

Freshman, the season there is a new meeting in the new society, such as a variety of situations, it will have to somehow excited (^^ ♪

Welcome such a new people welcome party to that person who has become or care pick-up meetings , such as this also in various situations "Katsuzen" but please use all means!


Well, to enter the main topic of today

Are popular nationally not limited to Tokyo now meat sushi Do you know me?

That I'm something that the street sushi neta of the name would do in beef, but recently has become often see the sushi of the meat.

Let doing sushi of such meat course even Katsuyoshi! It is Katsuzen even is not doing the sushi of meat, but that's usually'm bad now that after all do! To put out Katsuyoshi likeness! It was finished from the selfish desire of the shop that is here!

"Grip of marbled beef (sea urchin, put caviar)" consistently ¥ 880

A5 Japanese beef shoulder roast (cushion) the mortar - rather than by slicing tried roasted lightly!

Speaking of cushion to say that the marbling of the king is not an exaggeration, but I part of the rarity of large Toro, is fat at the moment of eating by scorch lightly it is amazing gravy and umami Te melts!

Of course, had also involved in Shari, we become craftsmen original seasoning.

Luxury in such a grip 1 can 1 Kang ultra-fresh the most exclusive sea urchin and caviar and I have plenty of Nokkete! (* '▽')

Fresh sea urchin and Japanese beef of large Toro we will meet again! Furthermore, in secret of seasoned craftsmen, luxury and exquisite bite!

By all means it is coming when I want dish eat always in Katsuzen (* ^^ *)


There still is recommended menu to the other, but today in this month

The Tsu to enjoy next time!